I have an undergraduate degree in information technology and a master’s in professional and technical communication. I am pending graduation with a PhD in English in December 2016, where I learned to successfully blend my technology and communications background with writing and composition pedagogy. As such, my teaching philosophy is heavily influenced by all three disciplinary areas (composition & rhetoric, technology and digital literacy, and technical communication) which perfectly positions me to guide students through multimodal, new media, and web-based projects to demonstrate the culmination of topics learned in my courses.

Below, you will find a few of my previous courses taught at The University of Georgia along with syllabi and assignments. I have since designed several additional courses, which I hope to get uploaded to the website over Christmas Break. Here’s to hoping! 🙂

Courses Taught

  • Composition & Rhetoric, 1101 First-Year Composition Course.  This course focuses on language and culture and how they work to inform one another.
  • Sports Literature, 1102 Multicultural American Literature Special Topics Course. This course explores a variety of American sports literature pieces ranging from poetry, fiction, and film to various non-fiction pieces such as memoirs and biographies.
  • Film As Literature, 1102 Multicultural American Literature Special Topics Course. The course focuses on the intersections between film and literature through the exploration of representations of race, gender, class, and sexuality and through discussions of film as art.
  • Game Narratives, 1102 Special Topics Course. This course explores how narrative theory informs the design and play of games through the analysis of 1) player narratives, 2) game narratives, and 3) cultural narratives paying particular attention to community aspects, player representations of gender and race, and social issues of violence, morality, and addiction.
  • Sounds of Poetry (Conceptual), 1102 Multicultural American Literature Special Topics Course currently in early conceptual stages. The course will focus on the intersections between poetry and music through the exploration of sound and other literary elements predicated on the intentionality of  “hearing” rather than “reading” the text.
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